Minaean Building Structures Inc.

Minaean Building Structures Inc. is a North American based subsidiary using Minaean SP Construction Corp.’s Artisan Quik-Build technology to successfully execute projects in Oregon, USA. Strategically positioned in BC, Minaean Building Structures Inc. is also hoping to execute oil and gas construction projects in the near future.


Minaean Habitat India Pvt. Ltd.

Minaean Habitat India began operations in 2004 and has gathered an impressive multi-industry portfolio. The company specializes in public health care centres, mass housing, educational buildings, large project offices, and transportation construction.


Minaean SP Ghana Ltd.

Minaean SP Ghana Ltd. is a business promotion wing launched in Accra in 2011. The company promotes affordable housing projects in Ghana, including the construction of staff housing for Ghana’s Health Ministry.


Minaean SP (SL) LTD.

Since the 11th of February, 2016, Minaean SP (SL) LTD. has been incorporated in the Registrar of Companies of Sierra Leone, Minaean SP (SL) LTD. is a Sierra Leone subsidiary of the Canadian-based Minaean SP Construction Corp. The Sierra Leone subsidiary is mainly focusing on the construction of infrastructure and institutional projects, for the future commercial and hospitality projects are certainly of interest.


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